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Solas x F!Lavellan - Stumble?


All Lavellan can see is green, and the eyes of everyone waiting for her to fix it. She isn’t inclined to tell them at all that this is the first Fade tear that the Inquisition had encountered. Cassandra is yelling something but the Dalish begins panicking, until she loses all sense of strategy (and the portal is growing bigger), so she sticks her hand right into it.

Her arm starts burning from the inside out and she has no idea if she’s even doing it right. When she runs out of swear words in her head, she starts making up new ones, and then a presence joins her side.

She turns to see a strange and concerned-looking elf holding her arm in a vice-like grip. He effortlessly holds her up when the tear begins to shrink and her legs threaten to buckle under the pressure of it.

Eventually it closes, and Lavellan struggles to say something to him, caught between “thank you” and “who are you” and “why are you here”. She attempts to put some distance between the two of them, then trips over her own feet and stumbles backwards. The stranger catches her, and pulls her back upright, providing her support where her own body fails to.  

This becomes something of a reoccurring theme in their future relationship, but Solas never complains.

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